Fur Tribe

Animals have always played an important roll in my life. I grew up spending every summer at my papaw’s farm and barrel raced on horses. At horse shows, I would always try to talk my mom or papaw into getting me another dog or horse. At one time, I had four horses, four dogs, and four cats at my house. I have always been convinced you can’t have enough animals.

Of all the horses my heart desired, two of them have contributed significantly to my life. My mom bought me Buck Ability when I was 6 years old. Buck has taught me confidence, patience, courage, and how to truly love an animal. My papaw asked me to run Prada, for the first time ever riding her, at The Kentucky State Fair. I ended up winning a check on her and bought her that day. When I went to college my freshman year at Western Kentucky University, I decided to sell her to a younger girl. Prada was 23 and I wanted someone to take care of her and give her as much love as possible. She ended up being sold at an auction and was taken to a slaughter house in Mexico. To say that my heart still hurts from losing her is an understatement. What happened to her has given me a spark and I feel compelled to do as much good in this world as I can.

As for dogs, Zuma will always be my “child”. I got him when I was 19 and he sure has taught me maturity and forced me to grow up. He has helped me through some hard times and I could never imagine my life without him. We adopted Aeisha in 2015 from the Animal Care Society. She has been the best blessing and the two of them together bring me so much joy!


Prada (RIP)



“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.” -Pythagoras